"As part of our two week stay in Slovenia we had a wonderful visit Robidisce Eco Farm on May 1, 2013.  Our activities for the day were well organized by Vesna Veliscek  and of Slocally and Robi.  The visit to the historic town in the most westerly part of Slovenia was informative an enjoyable.  The progress being made to restore buildings and maintain the history of the town are very commendable.  We enjoyed the traditional food and conversation in the restaurant.  We have wonderful memories of the fresh cheese and herbs as as well the fresh dumplings.  The highlight of the afternoon was the visit to the cheese making facility in the company of Drago the cheesemaker.  Seeing the process was very informative and the visit to the room for aging cheese was outstanding; the wonderful aroma lingers in our memory. "
We tried to post our comments on TripAdvsor but were unable to do so.  I hope this note can be shared so that others might take advantage of this wonderful location.

Leonard & Judy Harapiak

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Spletna stran www.robidicse.si uporablja piškotke. Z obiskom ter brskanjem po spletni strani se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov. Več o tem...