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We offer

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Would you like to stay with us for a couple of days?

We can accommodate you in two double-rooms and in one triple-room. All rooms have their own bathrooms. A spacious terrace on the same floor enables you to spoil yourself.

You can pitch your tent on a camping ground. There are clean bathrooms and toilets

Our restaurant offers you food all day long. Here you can buy home grown vegetables, eggs, meat, milk and milk products

Rent-a-bike – can be arranged in advance

We can board your horses: feeding, caring

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What to do?

You can fall into the rhythm of our farm and along with us you can care for our animals and plants – all these living beings will appreciate that

We can guide you to wild unspoiled grounds with many medicinal plants – together we can collect herbs for you

Relaxation in untouched nature

Robidišče is an ideal starting point for biking (Breginjski kot, Furlanija region) and hiking (short local trails and longer, more demanding mountain climbing tours on Kobariški Stol, Muzci, Mija, Matajur, Ivanec, and many more)

Swimming in the warmest river in Slovenia – Nadiža, and in the coldest – Soča

Visiting interesting cultural and historical towns on both sides of the Slovene-Italian border: Kobarid, Čedad, Videm, and other sites: the black kitchen in Robidišče, the museum in Breginj, Landrska cave, and the Napoleon bridge on the river Nadiža

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Additional offers

Our restaurant can accept up to 35 guests. Therefore, we welcome individuals and groups to celebrate festivals, seminars, holidays and other special occasions.

We make possible organised tours around our farm for schoolchildren of every age.

WWOOFING: We're a member of the international organisation WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). This organisation connects individuals who wish to do voluntary work on eco-farms and people who are looking for the help of volunteers. In exchange for the help of WWOOF-volunteers, hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about the ecological way of life.

In 2011 we hosted 15 members of this organisation from all around the world. They performed work on the farm, and in this way they got new knowledge and skills in different areas of farming. They were most interested in making cheese and in caring for the animals. Most volunteers find that work with plants is more demanding and more tiring, and this is the reason for less interest in this kind of activity.

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