About us


We're glad you opened our website, where we're happy to present Tourist eco-farm Robidišče, situated in the westernmost village of Slovenia. Our website will guide you into our unspoilt environment.

Make a choice to visit us. Here you can enjoy a quiet rest on our wooden terrace or on the square in front of our tavern, from where there are great views over the green pastures of the mountain Kobariški Stol, the Muzci mountains and Kanin. You can enjoy listening to the silence, taste sheep cheese and yoghurt and other homemade dishes, and converse with your hosts. We suggest walks in and around our little lovely village, which revels in its stony Venetian architecture.

On warm summer days you can make a choice between the Nadiža river and the neighbouring summits of the mountains. There are great views over the Soča valley, Rezija and all the way to the Adriatic Sea. Even winter holds its magic. Take walks over snowy landscapes, listen to creaking snow under your feet, take part in village meetings and communal work such as threshing corn, shelling walnuts, and weaving baskets.

As our guest you're going to feel relaxed and far away from the pressures of everyday life. Before leaving, you can collect supplies of sheep cheese, yoghurt, curd and other products to enrich your daily diet. Search through what we're offering you and take a look at our photo gallery with great shots of the attractions of our village and its surroundings. Allow your sense of adventure to lead you to our village, where you'll relax embraced by beautiful and unspoiled nature.



About us

We are situated in an ecologically pristine environment, with no factories or intensive farming in our neighbourhood. Our approach to the production of milk and milk products – and other kinds of food too – is organic. This is annually approved by the issuing of a certificate of ecological control.

In our region making cheese is traditional – the only difference is that once cheese was made with cows' milk. Today we produce sheep's milk, good for creaminess. Our tools for making cheese are modern, though procedures have remained unchanged, which means that the milk used for cheese isn't boiled. That's the main reason that our cheese is popular among our customers and that many of them visit us regularly to buy it.

Our approach to cultivating land is purely organic. We tend towards self-sufficiency and therefore the range of plants we grow is wide. Besides vegetables and herbs we grow cereals (buckwheat, corn, soya beans), which we grind ourselves and bake our own bread. Even uncultivated nature offers a lot of plants to eat. Gratefully we accept these gifts and transform them into delicious dishes for you, our valued guests.

Our renovated house gives shelter to us and to our guests. From outside it looks traditional and ancient, but the interior has been modernised and adapted to today's standards of comfort. Double rooms have bathrooms and there is the possibility of attached beds. Just in front of the house we have a restaurant, where most of our dishes are homemade.

During their holidays many visitors are fond of being in close touch with nature. We welcome everyone who likes to spend their spare time as simply as possible. Camping spots at the edge of the nearby forest would be the best option for such visitors.