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Excursions in the area

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From our farm in Robidišče you can visit many interesting trails and sights From the nearby beautiful village in the Breginjski corner, you can climb the mountain Stol or the Muzce Kobarid, maybe freshen up in the warm and crystal clear river Nadiža.

River Nadiza

The turquoise green Nadiza is one of the cleanest and warmest alpine rivers and is a popular haven for fishermen and bathers.
Originateing in the Breginjski corner, beneath Mount Stol, it then runs its 60 km long journey to Italy, where it flows into the river Torre and
as the torrential river creates a number of gravel pits, pools and basins, in the summer you can refreshen in it and according to the stories passed on from generation to generation it has a healing effect.
In the reigns the Nadiža River, trout, rainbow trout and grayling live,  but crayfish can also be found .

Napoleon Bridge

Very close to our farm is also the famous stepped stone bridge across the river Adige, the so-called Napoleon Bridge. The name is comes from the Napoleonov formation, which it passes
However, the age of the bridge falls within the ancient Roman period. Set in a narrow canyon of the Adige, it is exactly where it once held the old Roman road from Pradola to Robidišče together.
Under the bridge, a number of gravel pits are inviting as swimming pools


Breginj was considered the jewel of Venetian architecture in our soil. The houses were built of stone and decorated with wood characterized by gank, staircases, balconies of wood or stone pillars. Many houses had  typical peasant frescoes on the facades. After the earthquake of 1976 Breginj was almost entirely re-built from scratch. Especially interesting is the only surviving building, which is now a museum.


From the Soca to the Tera, there's an almost 30 km long ridge trail to the mountain Stol, which, with its 1673 m above sea level, is the highest mountain on the high slopes of the Julian Alps. The summit has a magnificent view which attracts many hikers, bikers and paragliders.
On the slopes of the Stol you can find many alpine flowers.


It is very interesting to see the Landarska Cave, situated above the village of Landar on the Italian side. The cave is 500 million years old, and there were  traces found from a man from the Bronze Age. It is particularly interesting because it has a church which is situated in the vaults cave, which is certainly something special, since joining the underground beauty and spiritual mystique. The Cave chapel was restored in1477 by  Master Andrei of Loke together with his assistant Jacob. In the cave of the church stands an altar from the workshop of master Bartholomew, who worked there at the end of the 17th and early 18th century.


Cividale (Italian: Cividale del Friuli, Friuli Cividat, is a city in northern Italy near the river Nadiža. The road is linked through the border crossing Robic to Kobarid. Cividale is a city which is the center of the Venetian Slovenes. Its history is very interesting, because since the year 56 BC, it has hidden many architectural gems, among which in addition to many beautiful cathedrals and houses, including the Devil's Bridge.

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