Lamb – health on your plate

Lamb – health on your plateFresh lamb is becoming more and more popular even in Slovenia. Our sheep live on spacious pastures, and this fact is a guarantee for especially aromatic and tender meat, which is demanded by most connoisseurs of excellent dishes. Lamb isn't just delicious; it's also an important part of healthy nutrition. Lamb contains a very low level of fat and is a good source of important proteins, vitamins and minerals.


The flavour of lamb goes very well with many herbs, such as thyme, tarragon, basil, rosemary, juniper berries and bay leaves, and with vegetables. LAMB »IZPOD PEKE« Lamb has an excellent taste when prepared in the traditional way, stewed in a clay container and glazed. Nowadays this procedure is named »izpod peke«. This dish is believed to have originated in the southern regions of the Balkans. There it has always been prepared and was even cooked where people hadn't developed the use of cooking stoves. Old villagers from Robidišče have commented: »Our forefathers already did that a long time ago!« The procedure of baking meat »izpod peke« nowadays is a delight – meat and vegetables, prepared this way, are unbelievably tender, aromatic and delicious. COME AND TASTE! Reservations appreciated!