Polenta – Traditional way

Polenta – prepared in the traditional wayIn Severna Primorska (the westernmost region of Slovenia) polenta very often represented an important substitute for bread, because corn, which polenta is made from, was a quite successful crop in this area.


Polenta was cooked in a big kettle over an open fireplace. For good polenta a lot of time and experience were needed. Polenta must be not too thick or too thin. It had to be cooked for at least half an hour and one had to stir it without a break. Even today local folks swear by pure polenta, cooked in kettles and sliced with a thread on a circular wooden plate. Corn contains high-quality proteins, plenty of sugar, B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium, and phosphorus. 100 grams of corn has 96 calories. Polenta, made of corn flour and prepared with butter and milk represented an important source of energy when most work was manual.